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Comments Off on Have a Ball | Posted by Stoneman on February 27, 2009

Have a Ball

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I have tried to embed this but it didn’t work, so click the link.  It’s addicting.


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Comments Off on Motley Time | Posted by Stoneman on February 26, 2009

Motley Time

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They came, we saw, and they kicked 3 quarters of an ass!  They are STILL, Motley f*c%in’ Crue


Just over an hour and a half kick ass Crue tunes with some new that wasn’t too bad, I was suprise that their was no drum solo from Tommy, and no over the top antics or visuals.  Don’t get me wrong, the light show was cool and crap was blowing up all over the place, it was more of a stripped down Crue show.

But you know what, the amazing thing to me is that Motley Crue is still very relevant in music and always generating new fans and they span generations as well.  That was very evident at the Bi-Lo center Wednesday night.


The funny thing though, was the people watching.  It was like going to a Crue show in 1987, some very hot women, lot’s of very drunk guys, and some people that didn’t look in the mirror before they left house.. Me being one of them.  Some people should realize they can’t fit in their 1987 leather pants!

If you passed out and missed some of the tunes, the set list was:

01. “Kickstart My Heart”
02. “Wild Side”
03. “Shout At The Devil”
04. “Saints Of Los Angeles”
05. Mick’s Solo / “Live Wire”
06. “TFFL/ On With The Show”
07. “Louder Than Hell”
08. Tommy Talks/ “MF Of the Year”
09. “Don’t Go Away Mad”
10.“Same Ol’ Situation”
11. Nikki Talks/ “White Trash Circus”
12. “Primal Scream”13. Vince Talks/ “Looks That Kill”
14. “Girls, Girls, Girls”
15. “Dr. Feelgood”
16. “Home Sweet Home”

I thought is was weird to end the show with a ballad, but everyone seemed to thin that was cool.  Motley Crue, they stiull kick ass!


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Comments Off on A Whole New Side of Paula Deen! | Posted by Larry Wilson on February 24, 2009

A Whole New Side of Paula Deen!

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I admit I watch her show and even own a number of her cookbooks and Paula Deen is a scream.

Recently she showed a whole new side of herself at a show in FLA.



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Comments Off on Another reason I love Hockey | Posted by Brian Blades on February 23, 2009

Another reason I love Hockey

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Well it’s been a crazy few weeks in my world. Something seemed to change for me after Super Sunday. I just decided I’m no good at dating and have sworn it off! It’s been a while since I was married and you know I do have to admit I prefer the peace of being alone finally. Dating has been a series of nightmares for me. I’ve met some terrific women and had some great times, but I’ve also experienced some of the most over blown, exceedingly dramatic, and quite frankly bazaar behavior I’ve ever encountered in my life. I tried dating several different girls for fun all at the same time. Well they all couldn’t deal with the other ones being in my life and I ended up with none of them in my life and a new nickname “man whore”! I’ve repeated the “you’re a great friend and I just don’t think of you like that” syndrome over and over, and I’m sick of that dance. I have more “girl friends” than any man should even think about having. And all it brought me was a new level negative thinking when it comes to women. The thing is I’m pretty sure it’s me and something I’m doing wrong, but at this point I don’t care about that. I’ve just decided I’m getting to old to waste my time dating. I mean the last few dates I knew before my wallet was empty that these girls were not for me. Was I trying to hard? Do I just have bad judgment? Am I just a tool? An easy mark?I’m probably all of the above, and the ones who are just flat out angry at me for not seeing them anymore, well they’d tell you I’m a prick and a liar! But hey they just didn’t like having the guy walk.      I sit here reading this and can see I’ve become pretty cynical and bitter over the past few months about the opposite sex, and that makes me sad cause I really do love women. But I think I’ve finally started to see the thing that made the dating world not a good place for me and… “IT’S ME NOT YOU BABY”! At least that’s the line I’m sticking with from now on!       The state of rock and roll around here? Well you could say it’s dead unless you went to the mock rock shows Friday and Saturday. I never thought I’d become a fan of these tribute bands like I have. The Pink Floyd Experience and Hell’s Bell’s were just a ton of fun to see. And on a new music note, Please check out wroq.com for podcasts from the past few weeks of my show Fresh Tracks, we’ve had some tremendous music from very talented up state musicians on the show. And if you don’t open your ears you’re going to miss the next big upsurge in great music in the part of the country. WE HAVE SICK TALENT HERE FOLKS! GET OUT AND SUPPORT THESE HARD WORKING TALENTED ARTISTS!      So just to sum things up, Thank god my Hockey team THE WINGED WHEELS MY BELOVED REDWINGS are the best and will no doubt make a serious run at another Stanley cup. That way I don’t even have to think about dating until at least June! Viva La!!’ Puck!

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Comments Off on Big crowds, Big Lines….Big Time!! | Posted by Larry Wilson on

Big crowds, Big Lines….Big Time!!

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If you made it to the Carolina First Center I’m sure you had as good a time as I did at the Motorcycle Expo.

Thousands of people, hundreds of bikes.  The folks from Cycle World did a great job and I hope the appreciate the support given to their first visit to the Upstate.

During our 4 hours on the air we got to meet hundreds and hundreds of listeners.  The comments, suggestions, and compliments are always appreciated.  Seeing how much Rock 101 means to so many is very rewarding.

Here’s a qucik shot from the event with more to follow in the next couple of days.


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Comments Off on Colbert, The 5th Beatle | Posted by Stoneman on February 20, 2009

Colbert, The 5th Beatle

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This is funny as hell.

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Comments Off on Football Withdrawal | Posted by Stoneman on February 18, 2009

Football Withdrawal

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You ever wonder why these guys get paid so much?

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Comments Off on And the Award Goes to….. | Posted by Larry Wilson on February 17, 2009

And the Award Goes to…..

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Well, I just watched the press conference with A-Rod as he explained how and why he used performance enhancing drugs.

Its now official.  Skreech, from Saved By the Bell is no longer the worst actor on the planet.

BTW, if you are into motorcycling then YOU need to join me Saturday at the Carolina First Center.
I’ll be broadcasting live from the show floor and it is without a doubt the biggest cycle show to EVER come to the upstate.

Also, I’ll be giving away a truly cool poster from my friends at the SCHP.


The giveway begins at 10am and will last as long as the supply does.

The show will be great and I hope you’ll drop by and throw a hand up.

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Comments Off on He’sss Baaaack!!! :) | Posted by Larry Wilson on February 16, 2009

He’sss Baaaack!!! :)

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Happy Presidents Day! 

Now that that’s out of the way lets do some quick housekeeping. I was on vacation last week and thanks to Chuck Hamilton for holding down the news desk during the Big Show and Anne Robards for keeping the Nite Shift running from 7pm to midnight.

Now,  I could go on and on about this human lab experiment out in Cali that had the 8 kids….in addition to her 6 suffering earlier editions dedicated to self absorbed motherhood, but what’s the point. 

She’s nuts, we’ll pay her bills and the 14 kids are screwed from the moment they left the womb.
BUT…have you ever wondered what crazy and pregnant look like when mixed together?     

Thanks to our friends at TMZ.com for the great pics.
Kind of says it all doesn’t it?

Now, here is yet another sign that the end of the world is very close.
M.C. Hammer is back on tour AND he has Vanilla Ice with him. 
I wouldn’t walk across the street to take a leak on Vanilla Ice if he was on fire, but throw in M.C. Hammer and I’m ready to “get down!”


                                                                                                                                                          Give me a f*$#ing break.
It’s hard to believe I came back to deal with this mess. :)

By the way, if you are into motorcycles, then you need to join me at the Carolina First Center this Saturday from 10am to 2pm. 
We are “hijacking” Stoneman’s show and doing the entire four hours down there and you will have a chance to see the largest bike show to ever come to the upstate.

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Comments Off on Just a Question or 8! | Posted by Brian Blades on February 11, 2009

Just a Question or 8!

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Where did major league Baseball go? Where did old fashion common decency go? Where did the leaders go that DON’T use fear tactics to get the public to do what they want? Where are the days when you didn’t have to worry about someone jacking you car or invading your home? Where did the days go where we didn’t have child molesters seemingly in every neighborhood? What happen to Television news, radio you couldn’t stop listening to, music that truly moved you, movies with substance, or comedy that was really original? Remember when married couples would have problems and actually work them out and not walk out one each other and destroy the family unit?Remember when a hand shake was a hand shake? Remember when you saw someone who needed a helping hand and you actually lent it? Remember going to school events for your kids? Remember pancake suppers at church to raise funds for something or just a little fellowship?Remember when you could ride your bike without being wrapped in a protective plastic bubble cause you just might fall and get a boo boo?Remember swimming in a lake without worrying about getting sick just from making contact with the water?Remember ponds full of frogs?Remember the local grocery store, gas station, diner, bar, bank, 5& dime.     I just started thinking about all these things this morning and wondered if the world we live in now is really a better one than what I grew up in. Are we making it a better place for our kids? Technology, Science, Medicine, have all been double edged swords that have brought us great advancements but in many cases, horrible consequences. So I’d say that they have all kind of canceled themselves out in the good vs. bad battle.      I don’t mean to come off as a doom and gloomer. Or sound like a John Mellencamp song, but I just sometimes have a hard time looking around and seeing what we are doing as people, and  wonder why we don’t stop once awhile and really look at what we’ve done and what we are about to do.A stimulus package that’s about to be passed that doesn’t stimulate anything?Guess it’s just par for the course these days eh?

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