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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on August 12, 2011

Not Because They HAD To…but because They WANTED to.

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Its Friday and I need your help. Until midnight tonight I need you to help some folks that are in the midst of the worst moments of their lives.

Last Saturday, 30 American service members, most of them Navy Seals, including several members of SEAL Team 6 which killed Osama Bin Laden, lost their lives in a helicopter crash! Now, we are asking you to help us here at ENTERCOM UPSTATE help their families by going to myupstateperks.com and donating to the Navy Seal foundation.

I’m glad I work for a company that thinks of others and makes it a priorty. Things are tough and times are tight. If you can give I would appreciate it….very much.

Don’t do it because I think its a good idea…but because you do.

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on August 9, 2011

Back to school…..almost, and memories.

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Next week most of the counties in the upstate will return to school and as I rode down the street in my neighborhood I saw the kid that lives next door. He was in his front yard with yo-yo and was having a ball.

It reminded me of my grade school days and my time with a yo-you.  Yes…..we had yo-yo’s WAY BACK THEN.  I was, at best average, while others were very good.  BUT…none of us came close to this guy. 

As you watch this, think of your kids (or grand kids).  Any of them have potential to be a yo-yo champ?

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on August 8, 2011

He was a character….and had character. Fred Imus.

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Over the weekend one of the more entertaining men passed away.  Fred Imus.  Now that name probably means nothing to you but I loved to listen to him when he was a guest on the Don Imus radio show.  Fred ws 69, and was found in his mobile home Saturday.  Below is part of the the New York media reporting on his death.

Fred Imus, younger brother of WABC morning host Don Imus and a long-time songwriter and radio host himself, was found dead Saturday at his home in Tucson, Ariz. He was 69.

He was reportedly found in his trailer after he failed to show up for “Fred’s Trailer Park Bash,” a weekend show he cohosted with Don Collier and “Missy” on Sirius XM‘s Outlaw Country channel.

In 1976 he and a fellow railroad worker named Phil Sweet cowrote “I Don’t Want To Have To Marry You,” a No. 1 country hit for Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius. It was voted song of the year by Music City News.

Fred collaborated with Don on the 1997 book “Two Guys Four Corners,” which featured photographs and reminiscences of the Southwest, and with Daily News columnist Mike Lupica on 1998’s “The Fred Book,” which featured Fred’s thoughts on life.

Fred was best known to New Yorkers and radio listeners as a laconic, droll, funny and sometimes ornery guest on his brother’s syndicated show.

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on August 1, 2011

Hot Temps…..and Cold Cash!!! $5,000 Winner is Melony Petty.

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Hot as hell.
Blinding sun.
$5,000 to one winner.
The stage was set.

I have no idea what we were doing..besides being stupid.

Just a portion of the crowd.  $5,000 draws a few folks.


 I think I just found my Christmas card pic for this year. :)

The Bud Bar. A popular place with both Beer and Shade.

$5,000 winner, Melony Petty…and 4 guys hitting her up for a loan.

It takes a lot of skilled people to put on an event like this. Until THEY show up, his is who we had. :)

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on July 25, 2011

Hot Fun In The Summertime…and Free Money To Boot!!!

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Hot…Sunny…Humid…Fun!  All of those were applicable Saturday as Old Lar and the Rock101 Traveling Circus rolled into Spartanburg for another visit to our friends at Gold & Silver. 

Stephen and the crew always make us feel welcome and it has become one of my very favorite locations for a remote…..no matter how cold or HOT the weather. :)

This was our second visit with the Cash Cube and the award winning Tyler Winstead of our Promotions Deprtment was determined to give all the money away!  Free t-shirts…..Free Pizza…Free Pepsi Max….AND Free Cash (courtey of Gold & Silver)!!  What more could you want? 

If you’ve never dropped by a Rock101 remote….you are missing out on a good time.  Here are a few of te winners. 

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on July 18, 2011

A Great Weekend with Laurens Electric!!

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Saturday dawned cooler than previous days…by over 15 degrees. Perfect for a 100 mile poker run ride.

The folks at Laurens Electric give back to the upstate by holding a number of charity fund raisers and in the summer its their Annual Poker Run.

Its great to see a business that cares about its customers and its clear LEC does.

A great crowd had a great time and I got to hang out with MY PEOPLE!!!! :)

I love getting a chance to see members of the Rock101 family.

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on July 1, 2011

…And Now, Your Moment of Holiday Zen.

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Take a deep breath.


Sit back and enjoy the next 6 minutes.

You can thank me later. :)



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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on June 30, 2011

On The Road in Spartanburg & Anderson!!!

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After a couple days off I’m back in the saddle again.

Today from 3pm to 5pm I’ll be at Gold & Silver Pawn giving people a chance to register for the Classic Cash $5k.  Drop by he  store on Asheville Highway this afternoon, grab some pizza and get your name in the hat.

Saturday I’ll be at the World of Fireworks in Anderson from 11am – 1pm Saturday the 2nd of July.  We’ll be on Clemson Blvd..near TJ Maxx.

Free lunch and fireworks…….the perfect combo.

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on June 23, 2011

On The Road Again….. to Greenwood!!!

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It’s not often we get to visit Greenwood…but when we do its always a lot of fun. Friday will be no different as we roll in and visit the AllTel store on the 72 Bypass.

I’ll be there from 3pm to 5pm and if you get a few minutes, drop by, have some food with Old Lar and check out the red hot specials Alltel has to offer.

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Comments Off | Posted by Larry Wilson on June 21, 2011

Life is Good in B.C……See?

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Now…. I couldn’t care less about who won the Stanley Cup or about who lost.

Having said that…..I do LOVE this vid promoting British Columbia and the Canuk fans……

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