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Posted by Larry Wilson on April 23, 2010

Earthday – When the Hypocrites bloom.

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Well I’ve endured another Earth Day.  The 24 hour period that EVERY sanctimonious  s**t head comes out and tells everyone else how YOU should live. 

Now, having an opinion is great. Truth be known, I’ve been known to have one or two myself.  But, it rubs me the wrong way when some of the biggest offenders are those that are breaking the rules themselves.

As Ike Turner says “Let me preach on it.”

Here are a few names that in the last 24 months have spent time crafting their image as a protector of the earth…..while jacking it up at the very same time.  

Nicolas Cage
Served as the official loudmouth for the “Heal the Bay in Santa Monica”

He also owns a dozen houses, two private islands, and that classic celebrity environmental no-no, a car collection.

Tom Cruise
This nutsack owns three private jets, one of which was purchased as a gift for wife Katie Holmes.
In January, Cruise and several other A-listers were asked by a California congressional candidate to sign a “no jets” pledge in order to reduce emissions. No word on whether Cruise followed through on the request, but rumor has it that Holmes’ jet was once sent out for the sole purpose of buying groceries… it’s no wonder Cruise has earned the nicknameemissions impossible

Barbra Streisand
The non-stop gas bag donated $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation three years ago with a special plea to the former president to “focus on climate change.”

She should have started by taking a look in one of her backyards.
Here are some stats on Babs.
Watering the lawn at her Malibu mansion costs a reported $22,000 a year, and she keeps a vast 12,000-square-foot backyard barn air conditioned (to keep the rafters from overheating?).

How many private flights to Malawi has she made recently.
After it was revealed she spends $120,000 a year on bottled water—a special Kabbalah-blessed variety at $5 a pop—many were outraged at her extravagant use of the plastic landfill enemy. 
She tried to make up for her faults by performing at the Live Earth concert series; however, the show generated over 1,000 tons of garbage and many still nitpick her wasteful fleet of cars, including two Hummers

 John Travolta
 Does he really need five private jets?
The personal runway outside his Florida home may be convenient for him and his Gulfstream and Boeing 707s, but it puts out 800 tons of carbon emissions every year, or 100 times the norm per person.
He said recently, “Everyone can do their bit” to help fight global warming.” Hey John, up your nose with a rubber hose.

Al Gore
The godfather of all things green had a PR nightmare a few years ago when it was revealed his 10,000-square-foot mansion used nearly 221,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. He tried to make amends, but a year later the Tennessee Center for Policy Research called him out—energy use at his home actually increased 10 percent and became the equivalent to 232 homes once the greening was done.

On the plus side, and to be fair, he installed solar panels, a geothermal system for heating, cooling and hot water, and by using energy derived from solar, wind, and methane gas. Maybe the one-time VP deserves a pass.

 My point in all this is, there is no shortage in people who are happy to tell YOU what YOU are doing wrong, as long as they can do the same things……but on a much larger scale. 
What’s the adage, “people who live in glass greenhouses, something about rocks, yada yada, yada.”

Next time someone starts in on you, tell them Old Lar said “shut the f**k up and to jump up on a box and blow me.”

hmmmm…was that too harsh? LOL

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